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Enjoy your favorite Bleach characters on your desktop. Download Bleach logo wallpapers, Ichigo Kurosaki wallpapers, Orihime Inoue wallpapers and wallpapers of other popular characters from the Anime series Bleach!

To save an image, first open the image and then right click on it and select “Save Image As”

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16 Responses to “Bleach HD Anime Wallpapers”

    Awale Says:

    Wow, I must say this site has quite the collection, you guys have nothing but amazing good quality pics, lol if I had the cash to donate I’d donate like a million bucks.

    Taha Haji Says:

    hello i appreciate the walpapers but i think it would be better if you put the photos in one folder and then keep for download thankyou

    Saeed Says:

    Only one word…..”Respect”……

    feri Says:

    you have a lot of the most wallpaper that i like… thanks.!!!

    Ms Rukia Kuchiki Says:

    nice, I really love Bleach!

    Kuchiki Says:

    Bverything I ever deramed of is here thank you :D :)

    Kuchiki Says:

    everything* :P

    Shorosaki Hichigo Says:

    Such a large number of cool pictures I found no one other site. Many thanks to those who have tried it all to create.

    ichigo the 2nd Says:

    this site got the greatest and coolest wallpapers i have see

    Franky15 Says:

    Nice finally nice resolution and awesome pics good find here only thing that didnt like not much gundam pics ore one piece but all in all good pictures here

    GOTEI 13 Says:


    Yuri_Keo Says:

    The picture are great,but i like Ukitake juushiro the 13th captain!and i need his picture more.Can u upload it?

    Anna Says:

    You guys should make one that has everyone like from the soul reapers to arrancars to quicny to human to vizards,. Like EVERYONE even badd guys fromm season one to season 15.(:

    ananthan Says:

    so hot…………………………

    rukia Says:

    the wallpapers of me are really cool i would really like one with me andthe wholegotei 13
    p.p. am noy really rukia

    Slit Spearlionhead (my zampakto) Says:

    nice so awesome i like i’m speechless WOW

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